World-wide Presence

Our firm is a member of two international groups, PLG International Lawyers and Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), which enable us to provide you with support in nearly 60 countries.

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Map monde LAW 3Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) brings together firms located in more than 100 cities around the world. Its mission is to ensure that its members can meet the legal needs of their clients who seek to develop their operations in new markets. As it is particularly well established in North America with close to 50 member firms, the LAW association will enable us to better serve our clients who have legal needs elsewhere in Canada and the United States. LAW members are able to provide legal counsel in many areas of law, in particular real estate, corporate law, intellectual property and litigation. By belonging to this association, we have the benefit of partners who will help us accompany you in all your international projects.


Map monde PLGBecause of our participation in PLG International Lawyers, dating back to 1995, we are present in international markets and better able to manage the complex issues resulting from market globalization. We are also able to give our clients the best service anywhere in the world. In short, we can continue to deliver on our firm’s values of excellence and competence. This European regrouping of economic interests brings together 1,500 lawyers and notaries practising in some 30 medium-sized firms in approximately 40 cities in more than 20 countries.