Is your patrimony (estate) and its protection something you take to heart? Do you wish to bequeath certain assets while you are alive? In order to analyze your situation and be aware of the optimal way to proceed, let our lawyers in Tax Law advise you in order to minimize your taxes  as well as those of your close relatives.

Who can advise you?
Isabelle Tremblay, M. Fisc.
  • Lawyer
  • Quebec
Contact information Telephone : 418 | 681 | 7007

Her practice focuses on Canadian and international taxation. In particular, she has developed expertise in taxation litigation, negotiating with taxation authorities, estate planning, Canadian trusts, manpower mobility and American taxation matters. Ms. Tremblay is also highly knowledgeable about business law, especially corporate succession planning, having intervened in numerous files in order to minimize the fiscal impacts of commercial transactions. In addition, she is called upon to advise and assist her clients in the context of volontary disclosures and asset protection strategies.

She is also the Director of our Taxation department.

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