Neighbour Relations

Operating a business means respecting certain standards in order to be a good neighbor. If your business is wrongly accused of neighbourhood disturbances, or if your neighbours cause you problems, we can advise you on the best way to assert your rights.

Who can advise you?
Olivier Tousignant
  • Lawyer
  • Quebec
Contact information Telephone : 418 | 681 | 7007

Mr. Tousignant practices mainly civil and commercial litigation. He has also developed an expertise in criminal law, competition law, and has represented clients in defamation cases. His practice covers all aspects pertaining to litigation, for instance, giving advice, drafting procedures, extraordinary recourses as well representation before the Courts of various jurisdictions. In this regard, he represented « Groupe Dynaco », agrobusiness cooperative, before the Competition Tribunal and before the Federal Court of Appeal in order to dismiss a prosecution under section 75 of the Competition Act concerning refusal to sell.

His clients also refer to him in the context of actions based on latent defects and criminal prosecution. His knowledge in franchising has also allowed him to represent individuals in that field.

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