Acquisition/Sale/Rental of Real Property (Immovables)

Has someone suggested buying a property or selling yours? Do you want to ensure the success of the transaction? In order to facilitate the purchase and sale process and guarantee that your rights are respected, our Real Estate Law team can carry out a complete analysis of the transactions you wish to carry out, by verifying title and leases and conducting a due diligence review. Our professionals can also assist you in drafting letters of intent and purchase offers. Environmental standards are complex and have a major impact on the value of a property, and so we will make sure that the inspections are duly carried out and, should there be a problem, we will be able to guide you in resolving it. Finally, at the time of the closing of a transaction, we can offer our help with regard to financing and taxation.

Who can advise you?
Louis St-Martin, MBA
  • Lawyer
  • Montreal
Contact information Telehone : 514 | 871 | 2800

Mr. St-Martin practices mainly in the field of real estate law, particularly in municipal taxation, in property assessment in cases of tenant-landlord relations, commercial leases and joint ownership. He also acts in commercial and civil litigation matters.

Mr. St-Martin represents and advises major property owners as well as various municipalities surrounding Montreal on property assessment. He is called upon to represent many customers in civil and commercial litigation, notably in product liability, damages, construction and succession. This brought him to draft opinions and participate at negotiation meetings, but mostly to submit written and verbal representations before such authorities as the Tribunal administratif du Québec, the Cour du Québec, the Cour Supérieure du Québec, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

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