Neighbour Relations

Operating a business means respecting certain standards in order to be a good neighbor. If your business is wrongly accused of neighbourhood disturbances, or if your neighbours cause you problems, we can advise you on the best way to assert your rights.

Who can advise you?
Antoine La Rue
  • Lawyer
  • Quebec
Contact information Telephone: 418 | 681 | 7007

Mr. La Rue’s practice focuses on municipal law and environmental law. He also works in agricultural law and real estate law. Having been a city attorney, Mr. La Rue represents municipalities, businesses and individuals alike in matters of urban planning, calls for tenders, municipal taxation, expropriation, agricultural zoning and the environment. He is regularly called upon to counsel his clients in civil, penal and administrative matters and to represent them before all the judicial and quasi-judicial bodies in Quebec.

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