Bankruptcy and Insolvency

If you are in a difficult financial position, we will carry out a thorough analysis and guide you through a turnaround, a proposal to your creditors or a filing for bankruptcy. We will work in close collaboration with you and your main advisors to determine the best possible course of action. If a turnaround is possible, we will implement all the necessary measures; otherwise, we will guide you in determining the best possible solution. If you are a creditor or a trustee, we can provide advice and support concerning the various bankruptcy and insolvency laws applicable. In this regard, we can prepare your proof of claim for the meeting of creditors, represent and advise you, and analyze your case in order to determine the type of remedy that will maximize realization proceeds. We can also analyze issues related to such remedies affecting in particular the disposal of property, preferential payments, reviewable transactions, motions to cancel transactions (defrauding creditors of their rights), invitations to tender and asset purchases. 

Who can advise you?
Luc A. Geoffrion
  • Lawyer and Trademark agent
  • Montreal
Contact information Téléphone : 514 | 871 | 2800

Commercial and civil litigation as well as conflict resolution dominate the practice of Mr. Geoffrion. He also works in the areas of bankruptcy and intellectual property, being a trade-mark agent.

Having developed a strong expertise in the Courts at all levels, notably emergency and provisional measures of all kinds (such as injunctions and seizures before trial), Mr. Geoffrion
currently works in litigation regarding matters of unfair competition, counterfeiting, oppressed shareholders and economic fraud. He also intervenes in matters of commercial lease, dismissal and service and company contracts. He defends the interests of bankruptcy trustees, creditors, builders, contractors and heirs in any conflicts endangering their rights including any contract negotiation. He has successfully represented governmental agencies, financial institutions and major companies in commercial liability suits. Mr. Geoffrion is consulted by professionals, investors and companies in the manufacturing, real estate and distribution sectors to assert their rights before civil and commercial courts.

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