Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Why consider an alliance or a partnership when developing a new market? A strategic alliance or a partnership enables you to benefit quickly from your partner’s expertise and knowledge of the market, its business practices and formal and informal networks. It is therefore important to properly frame the various parameters of these agreements in such a way as to ensure optimal synergy and, in the event of a dispute, to minimize the consequences for your company.

Who can advise you?
Geneviève Gagné
  • Lawyer
  • Quebec
Contact information Telephone: 418 | 681 | 7007

International affairs are predominant within her practice. She also works in international arbitration. Having developed an expertise in business accompaniment, she is called to act as counsel and foreign representatives in the cross-border activities of companies from all sectors, at the various stages of the introduction and development of a new market. Her practice encompasses the analysis of the legal, political and economic context of a business plan, establishment of appropriate contractual frame and legal entities, support with respect to strategic partnerships as well as prevention and settlement of conflicts. Ms. Gagné speaks fluently French, English, Italian, Spanish and German.

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