Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Why consider an alliance or a partnership when developing a new market? A strategic alliance or a partnership enables you to benefit quickly from your partner’s expertise and knowledge of the market, its business practices and formal and informal networks. It is therefore important to properly frame the various parameters of these agreements in such a way as to ensure optimal synergy and, in the event of a dispute, to minimize the consequences for your company.

Who can advise you?
Léopold Fournier
  • Lawyer
  • Montreal
Contact information Telephone : 514 | 871 | 2800

Since 1997, Mr. Fournier devoted his practice towards the entertainment law. He accompany his clients in their activities in the artistic and cultural fields.

Mr. Fournier deals also with record, television, show, theatre producers concerning artists, which leads to direct and write contracts of production, scene, musical recording, license, and
more generally, agreements of all nature in order to meet the multiple needs for his clients.

Accustomed to work in team, which could either be with professional firm or production and/or the service of the producers, Mr. Fournier offers to his clients a qualified, attentive and personalized service, which makes it possible to write deals in an agreeable and pleasant environment.

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