Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Why consider an alliance or a partnership when developing a new market? A strategic alliance or a partnership enables you to benefit quickly from your partner’s expertise and knowledge of the market, its business practices and formal and informal networks. It is therefore important to properly frame the various parameters of these agreements in such a way as to ensure optimal synergy and, in the event of a dispute, to minimize the consequences for your company.

Who can advise you?
Pierre Bolduc
  • Lawyer
  • Quebec
Contact information Telephone : 418 | 681 | 7007

Business and Civil Litigation are predominant within the practice of Mr. Bolduc. He has appeared before all levels of court in Quebec. Mr. Bolduc represents and advises small and medium sized businesses and their officers and administrators in many areas such as manufacturing, construction, communications and services in order to ensure a better legal administration of their affairs.

Mr. Bolduc has also developed an expertise in the realization on securities and as such is able to provide efficient and complete services to small and medium sizes businesses as well as organisations offering financial services. Having developed an expertise in civil liability, including in the area of insurance law, Mr. Bolduc represents and advises clients in the exercise of their rights in front of the courts.

Mr. Bolduc is also the Director of the securities and insolvency Department of our firm.

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