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The negotiation and drafting of international representation agreements give rise to many legal and administrative questions. They must take into account the requirements of each of the parties and of the target markets. They cover many aspects that, depending on the context and the evolution of the relationship between the parties, may be of varying degrees of importance. Such aspects may relate to territorial exclusivity, term and renewal, products, market penetration targets, minimum sales obligations, trade show participation, compliance with local laws, respect for the manufacturer’s image, advertising and control of the use of trade-marks. They also cover the confidentiality of information, customer ownership rights, the payment of commissions (and how they are calculated), lawsuits brought by third parties, as well as reasons for termination of an agreement, the termination procedure and the dispute resolution procedure. Our team of qualified professionals has, over time, developed the expertise to prepare this type of contract, which is of major importance for businesses. We are therefore in a position to advise and accompany you in your analysis of the strategies to adopt for the creation of an international sales network based on the commercial agency approach.

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