Business Succession

You have worked extremely hard to build up your business and you want to secure its future. For this reason, it is time to think of the people who will continue your business after you leave. Whether this involves your children, your key employees or the sale of your business to a third party, there are various factors to consider. In the case of children, it is necessary to determine how decision-making powers will be distributed, how securities will be divided up, the place of the children’s spouses, and maintaining your spouse’s standard of living. In the case of a sale to your key employees, it will be necessary to ensure that the transfer takes place smoothly, in particular with the drafting of up-to-date employment contracts, a transition plan for decision-making powers and a financing structure that is a win-win proposition for both parties. If you wish to sell to third parties, please consult the Mergers/Acquisitions/Sale of Business section of our website. Finally, sound planning will give you peace of mind and a happy retirement, and will prevent these crucial decisions from being left to the liquidator of the succession (estate).

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