August 16, 2017 Did you know that… Before retiring, you need to consider your family support obligations?
Retirement often means freedom and less stress...

However, courts are calling on people to be prudent and vigilant before deciding to leave the job market once and for all. Even though someone wishing to retire may have earned the required seniority and is eligible for retirement, he or she should think carefully about it so as not to end up with greater, harder-to-handle expenses in his or her new situation.

Make no mistake, a lower income does not necessarily mean lower support payments.  

In fact, the courts were recently led to intervene in a number of cases and be tough on people who had left the labour market too quickly, mistakenly thinking that their family support payments could be reduced.

Every situation is different and must be examined in its own right. Our Family Law team is available to help you in this process. Feel free to contact us for more information.